You need a photographer you can trust to take the time to understand your project, to scout the location and to understand the challenges.

You want someone who has listened to you, who appreciates the design intent and is able to represent that through the images they produce.

Be natural. I primarily use natural light wherever I can, meaning that your work is represented honestly and in a beautiful genuine style.

Hi, I’m Lou Souza,

With a background as a PA before I went full-time into photography, I understand how overwhelming it can be when you’re juggling suppliers, vendors, partners, employees AND keeping clients happy. 

Life as a PA was hectic. It required me to be incredibly efficient and organised, and to keep everything and everyone running on time. 


When I set up my photography business as a side-line back in 2015, I knew my skills and personality would be best suited to clients who were looking for attention to detail, creativity, and careful understanding of the work I'd be asked to photograph.

I was learning my craft by night and at weekends, then working as a PA by day. In whatever spare time I had, I’d indulge my hobbies - I love to travel, to garden, to create, and to cook. I’m obsessed with having a clean and tidy home. When I sit down for a cuppa, I’ll be flipping through home and garden magazines.

Despite my love of interiors, homes and gardens, I’d never considered bringing that passion into my business, until 2021.  My photography work carried on expanding in my spare time with a constant stream of new clients.

Finally in 2021 three things happened: 

  1. A wonderful friend of mine who was training as an interior designer was working on her own refurbishment. She asked me to photograph it. I loved it. Having worked with all sorts of people and personalities, I knew my skills and character would be best suited to clients who were looking for attention to detail, creativity, and careful understanding of the work I’d be asked to photograph.
  2. After 15 years, my time as a PA came to an end.
  3. It was time to take my photography career to the next level.

After the work I’d done with my friend, I realised that photographing interiors was the perfect fit. I was surprised at what I could do, it really suited my style of photography, and I loved the clients I was meeting. I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back.

I know this is the perfect place for me, and I know I’m the photographer for you.



I aim to consistently help interior designers to complete their portfolios with show-stopping images that capture the essence of their project.

Attention to detail and organisation are my watchwords. I know that you need to be organised too, you have people to organise, suppliers to juggle, and deliveries to schedule. You won’t need to worry about me. It’s a skill I know my clients both appreciate but also require.


I was drawn to work on interiors and architecture because I recognise that it’s about much more than just the images you receive.

You need someone who will spend the time to understand your project, to take care over and ensure that deadlines are met.

I’ll always be efficient but understanding of the space, the complexities of the design and taking the time to ensure those are captured.


Having worked in corporate roles as well as for myself, I understand the commercial aspects of your business.

I know that you need to market yourself – the images are a huge part of this. Social media, websites, magazine submissions, awards, the list is endless. 


Want to work together?

Without high quality imagery it’s almost impossible to tell the true story of the designs that you’ve created.

You receive images that tell the story of your projects and that are informed by your designs, the space, or buildings you’ve created.

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Lou has an excellent eye for photography and is capably photographing a wide range of subjects. I have used her for photographing parties, individual portraits of adults and children and photographing the interior and exterior of my newly renovated home. She is very professional, reliable, committed and able to exercise a high degree of discretion.