In the busy creative world, connections and collaborations are key to new opportunities. This week, I had the privilege to collaborate with Truffles & Ruffles, hosted by Annie and Anna. These lunch gatherings are super-fun and happen twice a month, bringing like-minded people together to share ideas and make awesome connections.

The food at T&R lunches is always amazing! The talented Chef Kate Hemphill of Herbieskitchen always works her magic in the kitchen, serving delicious dishes that never disappoint. This week, Truffles & Ruffles partnered with Wicklewood London, adding an extra creative touch to the event, and we got to discover their vibrant products such as home decor and accessories, sparking conversations about design and personal style.

Collaborating with the wonderful hosts, Annie and Anna, was a great experience. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. If you want to stay updated on upcoming events, you can contact the hosts of Truffle & Ruffles on their website/Instagram. You don't want to miss out on being part of this vibrant community.

Stay tuned for more fantastic events with Truffles & Ruffles!